• sva on 21 Oct

As founder and mentor of various hackspaces and active member of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) I am glad to support KEK in the starting days till mid/end November. My first contact to India was with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore in 2013, where I e.g. restarted the Cryptoparty movement just before Snowden came in limelight.

By training I am a carpenter and an anthropologist with a minor in computer science (german degrees). As it was mentioned in the community meet by various people for themselves: Yes, I can swim; and can try to teach. Besides that I am happy to introduce everyone interested in the more-safe-ways using the internet and the web Also I always love to show how to use the internet in general -- instead of using the web only. 

In the last decade I have organized many events like the Chaos Communication Congress (C3) mentioning as the biggest one. While in India, some friends and me had the crazy idea to start something in Himachal the Himalayas (and later at the Beach): Check out and to learn more, but don’t be confused: The whole approach is voluntary, and therefore the websites aren’t too nice... make one for us, or support and be part in any other way!