What ?

A space to experiment to develop local technology, methods and knowledge to apply to local problems.

Who ?

Are you a Hacker? Do you want to work on your own terms out of the buzz and smog of the city in a quiet place in an area of natural beauty ? Do you want to work on grassroots projects which impact the lives of local people around you ? Then that's who we are! :-)

Why ?

We're a group of tech refugees who fled the cities to the Himalayas to get away from it all. We found a way to make it work. And we now want to bring the goodness of our experience back to the rest of the country!

How do I join you ?

Come around and drop by Open Day (Saturday) for chaya or kappee

OR, if you're far away,

Email us at hello@kek.org.in


Follow us on twitter at twitter.com/kekorgin

What about the copyright to my work ?

Your work is yours - we don't want to hold on to anything you work on. We do however ask that you post weekly on our community blog, so that other people can know what you're working on and collaborate with you.

How much does it cost ?

It doesn't cost you anything! The space is free to use, provided you contribute in non-monetary ways. For eg: if you are a graphic designer, help with the posters If you're a sysadmin, help make the infrastructure cooler. If you're a hardware hacker, help with the doorlock.

Where can I stay ?

You cannot stay at KeK. However, there are numerous homestays nearby that we are happy to help you with stay.

What kind of etiquette should I be mindful of ?

Since we're an educational space, and in amongst vulnerable young people and communities, we have to be very mindful of our behaviour, both in and out of the space. In general, the guiding principle is to be excellent towards each other. This means, for example, using the designated areas for smoking, making sure the space is clean, putting things in order if you find them messy, using civil language, etc.

What else can I do in the area ?

We're within 500m of the ocean and beach - which means you can easily find your way to the beach. We work closely with the Kovalam Surf club and the Kovalam Skate club. We also work very closely with a local charity www.sisp.in in their local social charitable efforts, including socal work, teaching, and arts 'n crafts.