Body "Hacks" - Ayurvedic Accupuncture

  • Cherry G Mathew on 3 Oct

Last week, we had a miscellaneous group from Bangalore and other places, visit for a week.

Arun, who is a trained (from the Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum) ayurvedic masseur met Parvati and Lochan during an "Onam Sadya" a month ago. He is also local. Their conversations went around body health and Ayurveda, and before we knew it, a session for ayurveda massage workshops emerged.



The space now looks vibrant, with mosquito nets such as this, pitched up in the common areas.



Everyone seems to have enjoyed this, as much as they took it very seriously.



Arun and Lochan discuss the finer points of anatomy from Wikipedia.

For me this was really a good example of how technology, tradition and medicine all come together to great good health and happiness.

Today we're holding a quick meeting to talk to the locals to find out what they're interested in... we have our work cut out, but one of the things we need to focus on is getting the space opened up for kids and families with kids, to come and play and learn! If you have a family, and you would like to come spend time with us, please give us a shout!