update zero

  • J. Random on 13 Sep

During the three weeks we have been at kek we tried to turn it from a big house to a home for hackers. It's a lot of work. So far it's been mainly cherry, fragger_fox.

Cherry and I closed the space on 10th and left for other cities. This is temporary only, of course. The space will be open again from 19th or 20th September onwards once we come back.

We're also doing hackbeach in November and I've spent a lot of time playing a sysadmin - getting the submission system in place and scouting for affordable accommodation options among other things etc.

Once the space is open again there'll be more visitors and even one more resident hopefully. Before leaving I did a bit of research on tools we'd need and want to have at the space. I'll be bringing those tools with me when I come back so we'll have more tools and materials to hack with besides our laptops.

There's more to come, soon-ish.