Random Hacks

  • Cherry G Mathew on 9 Sep

We've slowly been developing some patterns in the space. The first one is a weekly schedule of sorts - every day has a theme and a "hack of the day".

Since we're very particular about minimising our environmental footprint, we use ash for soap as much as practical. We also aspire to use coir/fibre scrubs, at least for doing the dishes.







We also made a couple of ad-hoc hacks. When our local intern, Akhil went about fixing piping, we discovered that the plastic drain-pipes buckle and block the flow of water. So he came up with a coiled-wire scaffolding solution! Pure Genius!






Santhosh is a web/server side guy, and has been itching to get his hands dirty on electronics. He got his chance when the router boards we had from Freifunk got bricked accidentally. So he wired up a serial port console.


Sure, he de-bricked the routers!

We also got the http://hackbeach.in/ CFP out. (Huge shoutout to Stephanie, Santhosh, Kondi and Trouble!)

After tomorrow, we're going to shut down the space for about 10days, since people are dispersing for short trips, but we will be back with more people around the 21st. Watch this space!

I will personally hope to come up with a syllabus for the courses I am beginning for the students in the locality. This will be the subject of my next post, next week! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.