From Hackbase to hackerspace.

  • Cherry G Mathew on 13 Jun

Running a hotel is hard enough. Running a full villa compound with an
attached garden is a fulltime commitment. Running a hackbase for 9months
has been all of this - and more!

We're now a really tight, small group, who've decided that we really
want to focus on hacking at the beach. We want to focus our energies on
the projects we have going, and work out of an interesting space.

So we're going to move to a daytime space in the next few
months.... it will be our fulltime work and play area, and if you're a
hacker, you're more than welcome to come play with us! We have some
interesting toys to play with! (of course we also have all the old
toys from the hackbase coming into the hackerspace)

Stay tuned....