Anto Jose

  • Anto Jose on 3 Mar

I am a Drupal developer, consultant, and trainer, living at Pongummoodu (around 23km from KEK).

I make a living by helping web-entrepreneurs leverage on the power of Drupal as a strong, secure and scalable platform on which they can happily build their web businesses on.

I used to have a full-time job before, freelanced for a bit, and then set-up a Drupal consulting firm,
essentially carrying on the freelance projects under the new firm, with a bit more people, to help me get things done reliably.

I've also been gathering some really good people together into a small collective of freelancers
with the hope that something really good will eventually come out when good people come together.

I also help some people start off as web developers.

I believe in the power of good communities.

Technology, Open Source, Creative and Artistic communities have always been a strong source of inspiration for me,
and I have been always looking to connect with them.

KeK provides me with a quiet and beautiful work environment, with good infrastructure, in a rural context, and is an ideal place where I get to meet all kinds of interesting and like-minded people.

With my residency, I will be able to continue doing this, while contributing to the space as a community curator.


See for more about me.

Happy Hacking!!!