Startups and Literacy

  • Cherry G Mathew on 25 Feb

This is a brief summary of things happening at KeK, and where we hope things will go forward.

There's fish in the pond. Yes - a literal pond in the KeK yard. Anto put them in the pool. They keep mosquitoes from breeding in it. It was interesting to clean the water in the pond, while the fish were in it. Ask us how, when you visit :-)

A really good recent development is that a local friend who isn't literate has now started visiting the space semi-regularly. He's had a go at the gnu typing tutor, and reading phonetically. He is a really fast learner.

We host two startups in stealth mode at the space. They may or may not see the light of day, but hey, that's what stealth is all about :-)

Finally, we're talking to our friends at Kerala Startup Mission who are quite keen to support the wood working workshop event.

We have about 4 people (3 professionals and one student) who occasionally visit the space to work out of it. This is an area that needs more attention - ideally we'd have a better number of people working out of the space - this of course needs furniture - which brings us back to the workshop mentioned above. So we'll hopefully have bespoke furniture in the space soon!

Please also have a look at our wishlist and see if you can help with anything on there.

Finally, I'm coming to the end of my tenure as resident at KeK at the end of this month. It's been a challenging half year, with many challenges both personal, and professional, but I do know that KeK has personally been a great learning space for me - a space a bit away from everything with very interesting people visiting and sharing.

I hope to keep visiting and working in the wings, making sure that the next residents will have a smooth transition and keep the culture and values documented and passed on. Thank you for all your support and kindness.