Electronics 101

  • J. Random on 22 Oct

Last week we Cherry couldn't conduct the workshop on Saturday because of other engagements, so he asked his friend, Akshay, to substitute for him. Akshay, who's a recent graduate in engineering, was kind enough to partake. Thanks Akshay for conducting the workshop!

The workshop was focused around understanding by experimentation the basic concepts of physics and electronics using a hardware/software platform called expEYES (ExpEriments for Young Engineers and Scientists). It's an open hardware and software platform and it's affordable. For the curious ones who want to know more about this can look at the website and a review.

Apart from the workshop attendees we had some friends who support us with our activities visit us. One of those friends who is keen on gardening and farming helped us pave a foothpath in the backyard. This Saturday Cherry will be back and we'll have another one of weekly workshops. (Our weekly workshops happen on Saturdays, 10 AM onwards at our place.
PS: We're working on making hackbeach happen. Get updates on this e.g. via the twitter hackbeach. We hope to post more about those activities soon-ish. Stay tuned!